FAQ’s & Advice

Cavalleros is a Hair and Tattoo studio with a difference.

A father and son establishment of hairdressing, barbers combined with Chiswick’s first custom tattoo studio. Our aim is making your visit an enjoyable and pleasurable one whether it’s a Hair-cut, Hi/Lo lites, custom tattoo or a quick beard tidy or small discrete tattoo.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding getting hair cuts that we have answered for you.

What brand of colour do you use?

At Cavalleros we use one of the leading brands in the industry, L’Oreal.

Is using Hot straighteners bad for my hair?

Although the end result is great, we always strongly advise our client to use a product aimed a at minimising heat damage caused by regular use of straighteners.

I have greasy hair soon after having had it washed, what can I do?

Using the right shampoo is a start but we also recommend gradually lowering the temperature of the water as you come to the end of your hair wash.


Shampooing Twice

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to shampoo twice before conditioning. Washing twice regularly might strip your hair of its natural oil which will adversely affect the lustre of your hair. Unless your hair is already very oily or you have oil treated your hair beforehand and feel like the oil isn’t washing off, then there’s no need to wash twice.

Swimming in Chlorinated water

Your hair behaves like a filter when submerged in chemically treated water, therefore, we advice our clients;

Do wet your hair before stepping into the swimming pool. When the hair shaft absorbs untreated water, it helps minimise the damaging effects of swimming in chlorinated water; do wash your hair after swimming, ideally, with special shampoo to minimise any build-up of chlorine in your hair.

Applying Conditioner & Water Temperature

Towel dry your hair before applying conditioner

Don’t apply conditioner directly on your scalp, that will leave the hair roots oilier than they naturally are, apply conditioner from the mid length until the ends of your hair. The ends of the hair are usually driest and need moisturizing, therefore, apply more conditioner at the ends and leave it on for longer. Continue with your shower while you allow the conditioner to do its work.

Washing off Conditioner & Water Temperature

Wash your hair with cooler running water to wash off the conditioner; The cooler water will slow down sebum glands production that help minimise oily hair roots and closes the cuticles and retain moisture, this will mean that your hair doesn’t absorb more excess moisture from the environment and become frizzy.

Good Quality Products

Make sure you use good quality serums or hair quality oils to achieve that desired shine.

Hair Ties & Bands

Don’t tie your hair back too tightly and never when it is wet; this  stretches the hair shafts, causing them to break and split.

Excessive Heat

Although the end result is great, we minimise excessive use of straitening or curling irons.

Hairdressing Appointments

Don’t forget to keep regular scheduled appointments with your stylist. Making an appointment for a trim every 6 to 8 weeks will leave your hair in tip-top condition.