FAQ’s & Advice

Cavalleros is a Hair and Tattoo studio with a difference.

A father and son establishment of hairdressing, barbers combined with Chiswick’s first custom tattoo studio. Our aim is making your visit an enjoyable and pleasurable one whether it’s a Hair-cut, Hi/Lo lites, custom tattoo or a quick beard tidy or small discrete tattoo.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding getting a tattoo that we have answered for you.

It’s my first tattoo, does it hurt?

Short answer, yes BUT its bearable, otherwise so many people wouldn’t have them 😉

What should I do before my tattoo?

At Cavalleros we always advice you eat a good meal at least an hour before, so you have energy throughout the tattoo and recommend you bring a bottle of water with you along with a sugary drink i.e Lucozade. Having a good night sleep prior to the appointment also massively helps. Lastly don’t mentally work yourself up, anxiety can exhaust you even before you begin, so try and relax, practise some breathing techniques 😉 and most importantly DO NOT consume alcohol the night before and the run up to the tattoo, alcohol thins the blood and can make it difficult for the tattooist to give you the work of art you deserve.

What should I bring to a consultation?

As vivid as your imagination may be its always good to bring any material reference you may have, i.e pictures, drawings, books etc to help put across your idea of what you like and what you want in your custom tattoo from our artist.